Does eating sustainably cost more?

Mangiare sostenibile costa di più?

Does eating sustainably cost more?

At a time of crisis, it is even more important that a sustainable food model is within reach of everyone. The data shows that eating better does not mean spending more, especially in Italy and in the Mediterranean Countries.

The BCFN Foundation analyzed food prices in different periods of the year and in different cities. Here are the results of the findings in Milan and Naples (the two great cities of the North and South, respectively), using the average prices for April 2015 . The comparison was made between 4 weekly menus, all nutritionally balanced, but with differing levels of animal proteins.


Type of diet (calculated over one week of food)

Cost in Milano

Cost in Napoli

Menu in which animal proteins are prevalent

€ 43

€ 34

Sustainable menu, including a balanced amount of animal protein (model suggested by BCFN)

€ 40

€ 32

Vegetarian menu

€ 35

€ 28

Vegan menu

€ 33

€ 26




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