Drinking alcohol after a meal really helps digestion?

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It is common practice in many restaurants offer guests a welcome drink before eating (Champagne = 138 Kcal / 100ml, Prosecco = 66 Kcal / 100ml) and there are many people in the world who eat with beer (43 Kcal / 100ml) or wine (85 Kcal / 100ml) and in some countries such as in eastern Europe even with hard alcohol. Likewise there are numerous people who after a meal like alcoholic beverages.

If during the meal to take moderate amounts of low-alcohol beverages is acceptable, do it before you have eaten we know that is not suitable as having an empty stomach means it does not contain food as a barrier and the ingestion of alcohol may irritate the walls of ‘organ (strongly discouraged by those who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux problems, ulcers and similar).

Another common rumor is that a drink after a meal helps digestion. You were wrong!


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Do not be fooled by the sensation of heat and burning that you feel in your stomach. It is true that the bitter taste stimulates the taste buds to produce more saliva, but the alcohol content, as well as irritate the stomach as we said before, slows emptying during digestion, and makes the job of the liver, already engaged in the normal digestion.

This is especially the case for beverages on the 30 ° -40 °, the low-alcohol beverages (10 ° -14 °) if taken in small quantities can be acceptable and stimulate gastric production.

For this reason if you like to take a bitter we suggest for example those made from rhubarb which contain a low alcohol content, not exceeding 13 °.

Even more so we do not recommend them for those who have weight problems. The Kcal contained in bitters are in fact much higher than those of wine, beer or champagne. A small part of these are sugars that are added to the drink to correct the bitter taste while most are due to the alcohol content.

We propose to conclude a calorie summary of the main alcohol consumed after meals:


Amaro / Bitter 100ml 200 kcal
Amaro Averna 100ml 327 kcal
Amaro Lucano 100ml 195 kcal
Amaro Montenegro 100ml 195 kcal
Amaro Ramazzotti 100ml 275 kcal
Limoncello 100ml 363 kcal
Brandy 100ml 213 kcal
Jägermeister 100ml 250 kcal
Liquor 100ml 250 kcal
Sambuca 100ml 333 kcal

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