Food Sustainability Index: which countries have the most sustainable food system?

FOOD SUSTAINABILITY INDEX agricoltura sostenibile

Evaluating 58 parameters belonging to the categories sustainable agriculture, nutritional challenges and food waste, the experts created the new food sustainability index, drawing up a ranking of the countries in which food meets both environmental and social as well as health requirements standards.

At the top of the ranking, the countries with the most sustainable food systems are France, Japan and Canada.
These three countries have achieved the best results on a sample of 25 analyzed. In detail 20 of the countries selected represent 85% of world GDP and at the same time two-thirds of the global population. In addition to these there were also 5 countries from non-represented regions and were: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Colombia, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The gold medal awarded to the French is linked mainly to national policies on food waste and a rational approach to nutrition, while Japan and Canada took second and third place respectively thanks to their sustainable agriculture policies and the spread of nutritionally balanced diets.

At the bottom of the ranking is India which, along with countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, must address the double challenge of malnutrition paired with obesity and must markedly improve its agricultural and food waste policies. The index has proven to be useful also for tracing a few global trends, highlighting, for example, the serious deficiencies in micronutrients in medium to high-income countries, or the rise in obesity in developing nations.
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