PRODUCTION ESTABLISHMENT ON LABEL, becomes obligatory from 22 October 2017

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PRODUCTION ESTABLISHMENT ON LABEL, becomes obligatory from 22 October 2017


From next 22 October, it is again mandatory to indicate on the labels of foodstuffs the information about the establishment that produced the food.

Etichetta Alimentare Food Label


It goes back to what is already mandatory since December 2014 with great satisfaction, in addition to the consumers of all those companies that have always continued to report this data even during the period of the annulment of the obligation.

This is important because it allows to identify the origin of packaged foods thanks to the brands of industrial groups or supermarket chains in some cases.

As far as the health aspect is concerned, there will be more information and, hopefully, more rapid communication and action if warnings occur. The investigation time will be reduced and the chain will be clearer and rebuildable at all levels.

When you do the shopping you can therefore choose to buy products that are packaged in your country and find out who prefer to handle packaging elsewhere.

Caution, however, the packaging is an important phase of food production but has no relevance with the content. So we will not have more information or warranties on raw materials that a company uses and consequently not on its quality.



We hope this will be the next step in the legislative matter, in fact currently there are exceptions.

It is not obligatory to label this information when it comes to pre-packaged foodstuffs “legally manufactured or marketed in another EU Member State or in Turkey or manufactured in a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), part contractor of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) “(Article 7 of DL 145 of 15/09/2017).

Moreover, this data can be omitted in the following cases:

  • the head office of the establishment coincides with that responsible for the labeling of the food, (see EU Regulation 1169/2011, Articles 8.1 and 9.1.h)
  • presence on the identification mark or health mark, mandatory for meat and products of animal origin, (Reg. CE 853, 854/2004 – Regulations c.d. Hygiene 2 and Hygiene 3)
  • a reference to the place of the trade mark with which the product is marketed.

If a producer / packer has more than one establishment can indicate all the active establishments but must clearly indicate (with a sign or punch) which actually affected that product.

The information must be legible, and for this point there are also established criteria that should be followed and that you can find out by reading the EU Regulation 1169/11 (Article 4 DL 15/09/2017, 145).



If a manufacturer omit the indication of the place of establishment will face a fine from 2,000 euro to 15,000 euro. Failure to meet the legibility criteria required by the EU Regulation 1169/11 for the mandatory information is instead subject to administrative penalty payment of 1,000 euro to 8,000 euro.


For more information, please always refer to the text of the Legislative Decree issued by the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic that you can find HERE (italian language).



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