The nutritarian diet: Joel Furhman betting everything on micronutrients and vegetable food

nutritarian diet dieta nutritariana

 The nutritarian diet: Joel Furhman betting everything on micronutrients and vegetable food

 The diet nutritariana is offered by Joel Fuhrman, general practitioner, director of the Nutritional Research Foundation and author of other best seller about nutrition.

In his latest work The diet Nutritariana – the power that prevents scientifically to get fat,” Dr. Fuhrman proposes a way of eating simple tied to natural foods minimally processed and not very elaborate and therefore very rich in micronutrients that might otherwise be lost.

Many mineral salts, phytochemicals (organic molecules that are found in plants and that, frequently, determining the coloration. They have been proven their positive effects for the maintenance of well-being and for preventing many pathologies) and vitamins that thanks to their properties may protect from heart problems, tumors and other disorders.

The role of black sheep is again given to products derived from animals that are totally excluded, but suggested in small quantities daily. For meat we talk about less than 5% of daily calories (use it to flavor dishes for instance) and are frowned upon even eggs, milk and cheese.

Even carbohydrates that, despite being the largest part with 50-70% of your daily calories in this diet they are derived mainly from fruits and legumes. So also reduced consumption of pasta and bread, while whole grains are accepted.

Although it may seem like a variation of the vegan diet the author of the book emphasizes the importance of integrating with micronutrients important for our health such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega 3, making it more balanced.

Quoting Antonio Pratesi by Il Fatto Alimentare: Nutritarian remember the nutrition of a gorilla that is based exclusively on products of plant origin or of a chimpanzee that takes only a 5% of calories from animal products, except that the man has the ability to prepare food in a more elaborate and especially the ability to cook .

For those who still felt intrigued to nutritarian lifestyle here it summed up in 10 points:

  1. Eat every day a large mixed salad
  2. Eat every day at least a small portion of legumes
  3. Eat a double portion of stewed vegetables
  4. Daily eat nuts and seeds
  5. Daily eat mushrooms and onions (NB: the mushrooms can contain toxic substances such as heavy metals or contaminants due to the soil in which they grow)
  6. Eat three fruits per day
  7. Limit consumption of meat daily: 40 grams for women, 70 grams for men
  8. Eating foods in greater quantities that are high in fiber (pass digestion without being absorbed)
  9. Select suitable seasonings to use
  10. Prepare sorbets and fresh fruit smoothies




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