Valentine’s Day TOP 10: aphrodisiac foods that are good for health

Valentine Day Top 10 Afrodisiac Food

 Valentine’s Day TOP 10: aphrodisiac foods that are good for health

Who said that pleasure and health can not go hand in hand? This article will demonstrate the opposite! On the occasion of Valentine’s Day we propose the Top 10, in no particular order, of aphrodisiac foods that also have properties beneficial to health.


1. CHILLI: very well known for its beneficial properties, thanks to its deep red color is considered the spice erotic par excellence, a symbol of love. Contains a chemical, capsaicin that, in addition to determining the sense of the spicy, increases the secretion of mucus and gastric juices for digestion, stimulates the production of endorphins (substances produced by the brain which generates pleasant sensations) and is a known vasodilator it stimulates the pleasure especially in the male. Contrary to than is commonly believed, are not the seeds, but the inner membrane, placenta, which contains most of capsaicin: so it’s almost useless to remove the seeds to reduce the spiciness of the fruit, and it is advisable to remove the placenta (Wikipedia).

Chilli Peperoncino afrodisiaco

2.POMEGRANATE:  universally recognized since ancient times as a symbol of abundance and longevity, is a natural remedy against the loss of desire because it is able to increase the levels of testosterone in both men and women. Promotes good mood and reduces stress. The two most important substances that are pomegranate contains ellagic acid and flavonoids that have antioxidant and antitumor properties.

Malograno Pomegranate afrodisiaco

3. WALNUTS, PISTACHIOS and DRIED FRUITS: it is said that these fruits are beneficial to the heart, statement truer than ever, both if taken literally, thanks to the efforts of folic acid or vitamin B9, which reduces the levels of a substance harmful to coronary which homocysteine, both figuratively. They are in fact rich in vitamin E and increase sexual desire in both men and women, also unsaturated fatty acids present in them are great to keep the production of sex hormones at the top. If taken regularly, in small doses (20-30 g per day), especially walnuts, prevent cancer diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus or.

noci nuts pistacchio frutta secca afrodisiaco

4. NUTMEG: stimulates digestion, is carminative, has an antiseptic effect and relieves some disorders such as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea but also has a strong aphrodisiac power especially on men, as it contains an essential exciting oil composed of myristicin (a substance also contained in the drug MDA known in the 70s as a drug of love). It should be used in small doses to prevent the pleasure turns into alterations of consciousness, hallucinations and addiction.

noca moscata adrodisiaco

5. GINGER: is a stimulant and contains gingerol, which heats and zingiberene, a vegetable oil that increases the flow of blood circulation to the sexual organs, thus increasing the desire. It ‘also capable of giving support to the digestive system, in cases of poor appetite or digestion slow and laborious, flatulence, meteorism and intestinal bloating for its carminative properties. It is also effective as an antispasmodic and to relieve nausea caused by car sickness and vomiting in pregnancy. Ginger has proven effective even in case of rheumatism, gastritis and ulcers, headaches, and was also confirmed its antioxidant activity.

ginger zenzero  afrodisiaco

6. FIGS: these fruits are considered aphrodisiacs since ancient times for their form, similar to the genitals female sex and for this reason they were consumed mainly by men. Very sweet, contain, in addition to several vitamins, about 47 kcal per 100 grams, far fewer than grapes and tangerines that are around 70-80 kcal per 100 g. These sugars are easily assimilated so they provide instant energy to our body. The seeds, mucilages, the sugars contained in the so-called fruit, fresh or dried, have well-known laxative properties. In fresh figs are contained digestive enzymes that facilitate the assimilation of food; Figs also exert a caustic and proteolytic activity much appreciated by women for the benefits it gives to the skin. This fruit is also used in many other cases: acne, urinary and pulmonary inflammation, for abscesses or even to relieve gastritis.

fichi fics afrodisiaco

7. SALMON: this fish is able to maintain, due to the Omega 3, levels of sexual desire rather high. The salmon in fact won the record for the presence of these essential fatty acids with 1.83 g compared to herring (1.80 g), sardines (0.90 g), tuna (0.73 g), cod (0, 46 g) and (sole 0.43 g). So if someone tell you not to eat salmon because it is a fatty fish, remember that not all fats are to be associated with weight gain and LDL cholesterol but also beneficial properties.   These essential fatty acids, in fact, raise dopamine levels in the bloodstream, a neurotransmitter that mediates the sensation of pleasure in the brain and in general in the body and is responsible for increasing blood pressure, which as you can imagine has more benefits for intimacy.

salmon salmone afrodisiaco

8. CHOCOLATE: Besides being a difficult temptation to be resisted is also considered the food of love and romance for excellence, and knowing the many beneficial properties, we thought, but why we should resist the temptation ?! If your lover gives you chocolate know that it contains significant quantities of nitric oxide which contains a lot of 2-phenylethylamine (PEA). The PEA in turn is a hormone that releases dopamine (the same that we have seen in salmon) in the pleasure centers of the brain and stimulates feelings of well being and excitement. The chocolate in addition to the acknowledged aphrodisiac properties is also a great protector of the heart due to its flavonoid content (the same that also produce green tea and red wine) these have a high oxidizing power, prevent LDL cholesterol is oxidized by radicals free and prevent the platelets form clots that could cause thrombi. To have access to the many positive influences of chocolate is suggested to eat about 6 g per day, the chocolate should be dark and should contain at least 70% cocoa. In addition to what was said before this good habit will give benefits to the skin, to those who have low blood pressure, to sportsmen, to those suffering from cramps, to those suffering from liver cirrhosis and those looking for a draining effect in general. Less suitable instead if you suffer from acid reflux, ulcers, colic and headaches because it contains oxalic acid.

chocolate cioccolato afrodisiaco

9. SAFFRON: According to Greek mythology, the young Krokos and the nymph Smilax fell in love; unfortunately Krokos was a mortal and Smilax a semi-goddess and so their was an impossible love. The Gods, touched by their love turned them into two plants: a plant sarsaparilla the nymph while the boy in the flower crocus flower from which is obtained saffron. So the lovers could finally be close. This is in fact a spice, very valuable, able to stimulate circulation, and promotes heating of the mucous membranes, increasing the sensitivity, also stimulates the fibers of the uterus of women; has antidepressant properties and is particularly suitable for men who suffer from performance anxiety. Apart from this it would seem to have a predictive power against diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

zafferano afrodisiaco

10. AVOCADO and ASPARAGUS: the first is an exotic fruit, now spread globally, is rich in fat that resemble the composition of extra virgin olive oil: 75% is composed of monounsaturated fat, 15% saturated fat and 10 % of fatty acids (Omega 6). The asparagus rather has always been considered an aphrodisiac and in some cultures (eg in Italy) is used to feed the newlyweds with a plate of asparagus during lunch marriage as a good omen for fertility and life as a couple. The main component is asparagine (which is due to the characteristic smell of urine after ‘ingestion and’ assimilation), glycosides, tannins, saponin, salts of potassium, Vitamin A, and to a lesser extent B and C (Wikipedia). In particular, the Vitamin E in these green foods helps the body in the production of the hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone which are usually circulating in the blood and stimulate sexual interest. Particularly suitable for women who suffer from vaginal dryness or swelling in the clitoral area.

Avocado afrodisiaco

Happy Valentine’s Day

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