What water should I drink?

What water should I drink?


“Drink much that is good!” or “At least a liter and a half a dayare the cliches that we hear more often about the water. Following they teach us in school that we are made of 60% water (actually from 75% when we are infants to 50% for seniors), that we could die early without water than without food, and so on…

What they do not tell us clearly is that there are large differences between the various waters on the market and that, even if in the short term we do not realize immediately, use the right water brings many benefits, such as :



drink mineral water or minimally mineralized is particularly useful for promoting diuresis due to its scarcity of minerals and to eliminate waste, impurities and prevent the formation of stones.
In the presence of stones, however, can be effective the so-called shot of water consisting in drinking a liter / liter and a half of water rapidly, so that it acts as a boost and facilitates the expulsion of the stones
Recent discoveries have shown that even an hard mineral water , that is rich with Calcium may help prevent the formation of
kidney stones.




the amount varies according to the sport practiced, its duration, the climatic conditions, ranging from one and a half to three liters a day.
The most important minerals for an athlete are: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and chlorine.
A sportsman, especially in summer needs mineralized waters which, in contrast to those oligo (often improperly recommended to combat cellulite and water retention), ensure a discrete amount of mineral salts and avoid the risk of hyponatremia (low concentrations of sodium in the blood). In addition to a matter of rebalancing of assets lost during the activity, is thereby also favored the elimination of nitrogenous waste and corrects acidosis determined by muscle fatigue (this can add alkalizing foods such as apricots, spinach, dates, pineapple, carrots, celery, bananas, etc).




in addition to diet low in sodium to do if recommended by your doctor (usually it always is), is suitable mineralized water that promotes diuresis and the elimination of excess sodium, head of the pressure increase and cardiac fatigue . . I’m talking about people who have pressure just above the limits or with a tendency to have it high, you should not think that this advice has a great influence on those who need medical treatment.




in this case it is useful mineral water type bicarbonate-sulphate. These two minerals help digestion because they stimulate liver and pancreas, and favor the action of digestive enzymes, lowering the acidity of the intestine.




This paragraph applies generally in all cases of deficiency or increased need for calcium (pregnancy, breastfeeding, for infants, children and the elderly). Is right, in these cases, take mineral water rich in calcium. That which at first view may seem a trivial advice, it is not, because you have to be careful to find reported labeled with the words Calcium bioavailable“. If you do not find written may contain all the calcium in the world but your body will not absorb it, indeed it will eliminate this precious mineral through urine (what a waste!).
Like every deficiency I remind you that it is not enough water to raise it again, but we must also integrate with the right foods.

Later on Nutritional Movement we will see more about this topic, so by now…




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